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I can’t remember the last time I wasn’t reading a book. ​

​I review for professional book publishers such as Simon and Schuster Canada  and Hachette Books. I am always looking for a new book to review.

I tend to draw to novels that draw away from love stories and more towards suspense and personal experiences shared from one person to the next. I love books that make you feel for the character and give you a sense of fufillment when you claim their happiness as you’re own.

I am always busy with school, work and with my family but I always leave time out of my day to relax with a book and some tea. For me, it’s a form of escape from the world that I am surrounded by, where I can escape to a world where I can draw a connection to the book characters and their stories.

Always looking for new books to read and new authors to promote!

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Featured Review

My Life with Bob by Pamela Paul

May 7, 2018

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 Received a copy of this book. As one who enjoys poetry and has had bouts with depression and anxiety for years, it is a refreshing to know that others can relate. Highly recommended" - HeyYouNotYouYou

"Unspoken Agreement has absolutely blown my mind.
Firstly, massive congratulations must go to Chelsea for not only writing and publishing this amazing book, but for also choosing to share the deepest thoughts, hopes and fears she had during such a tough period in her life. I have not suffered with depression or mental illness myself, but have had many close friends and family suffer in ways that I feel I understand and empathise with much more after reading this book." - Jessica

"Her voice is clear, true and at times as raw and pain filled as the nightmare itself." Patrick

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