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June 28, 2018




A City of secrets, secrets that destroyed Paul Bertram’s  once-idyllic marriage secrets that have threatened to consume him secret that almost destroyed this very life. When the Berlin wall falls in 1989, Paul is finally compelled to confront his pas...

June 22, 2018


Disclaimer: I was gifted this book by the publisher.

Enter an immersive world where the chosen few have the ability to summon demons...

Arcturus is just an orphaned stable boy when he discovers he has the ability to summon demons from another world. He is sent...

June 12, 2018


I was given an ARC of Sweet Black Waves in exchange for an honest review.

Two proud kingdoms stand on opposite shores, with only a bloody history between them.

As best friend and lady-in-waiting to the princess, Branwen is guided by two principles: devotion to her ho...

June 11, 2018


DISCLAIMER: I recieved this book from the publisher/author in exchange for an honest review.


Jess Gordon is out for revenge. Last year the jocks from Knights College tried to shame her best frie...

June 5, 2018


“She’d done it. She’d killed him.
She’d lost control of the flame.”

Witty, charming and clever, Marks Fire and Bone is a book everyone should have on the top of their TBR pile this summer!
The main character Sage is a woman icon for all book lovers as her cha...

May 14, 2018


Disclaimer- I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the author/publishing company.

This is the story of a first love. This is the story of a first heartbreak. And this is the story of two people who simply couldn't rewrite the stars.

sb. Maa...

May 8, 2018


South Pole Station, a.ka. the Butt Crack of the World, any teenager’s worst nightmare, and home to free-spirit Ionia Sonberg. 

To shake up her bland, boring, stuck-on-blah life, Ionia defies her uber-controlling mother and adds a companion droid, Den, to the suppl...

May 7, 2018


Disclaimer- I was sent this book in exchange for an honest review from the author/publishing company.

Imagine keeping a record of every book you’ve ever read. What would this reading trajectory say about you? With passion, humor, and insight, the editor of Th...

May 3, 2018


Disclaimer- I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

The Key is a sacred object which allows its holder to open portals to other planets at will. Passed down through her family, the Key marks Rose as the Gatekeeper for the planet...

April 29, 2018

5/5 Review!

No Kids Required: Twenty Woman Share Their Unique Perspectives on Choosing to be Childfree By Jenn Sadai is a story of 20 woman who are choosing to be childfree. It showcases the blessings and burdens that come with their decision, how they fill their free t...

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May 7, 2018

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