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My Life with Bob by Pamela Paul

May 7, 2018

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Emotions by Arnie Cantarero

November 21, 2017






I would like to thank the author Cantarero for sending me a free copy in exchange with an honest review, this being said, my review is not by any chance effected*


Emotions is the coming of age story of Jason Arias, an emotionless extraterrestrial with an implanted sentient computer on a mission to regain what his people lost millennia ago. They must deal with growing up in a world full of emotions they don’t understand, along with what comes along with being different, including bullies.  He finds ways to overcome them, not with alien technology but by using human means…most of the time.




What if you mind was use to controlling you, but you could find a way to think for yourself?


Jason is an alien who looks human--but cannot experience emotions--tries to live undetected in the normal world.


Jason doesn’t know what anger, fear, sadness or happiness feel like. I loved how his character stayed true to the storyline and everything made sense with his personality and his development throughout the book.


The book had a good vibe and kept the reader interested. The concept was a real hit for me but I felt it lacked a lot of sci-fi related ideas and generated more towards a YA book.


I rated this book a 4 mainly because of the typos, grammar and punctuation issues within the book. It was hard to tell  who was talking between Jason and the computer and the poor editing really is key in any book. I would have also loved to know more about Jason’s character right from the start. How did the aliens come to be?  How was the computer is Jason’s head made? Why is there a computer in Jason’s head? These answers would have made for  a more interesting book for me.


I also wanted to feel like I was with Jason in the whole book. I felt a real lack for the famous ‘show don’t tell’ writing style as I felt as if description lacked and I really wanted Jason to stop telling us how he experienced things and show us.


The book wasn’t bad but it did lack a lot. This book has great potential and I hope the author comes out with another book soon.


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