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My Life with Bob by Pamela Paul

May 7, 2018

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Frail by Taisha De Aza

December 6, 2017





In 1933, Julianne Martin dies at eighteen years old. Years later, she is revived through scientific research and forced to cope with loss, love, and tragedy in her incipient life.


“I am no different than you-I eat,breathe, sleep like a human being, please don’t treat me any differently.”


Julianne wakes up from a horrible nightmare only to find herself in one when she’s awake. After being selected for a research experiment, Julianne realizes everybody she’s known is no longer alive. Frozen through the decades, she also realizes that her parents signed her up for this experiment yet she can’t seem to wrap her head around one thing. The cryonics.


I loved the connection the reader builds with Julianna while reading as you can relate to what she is feeling through every experience. I love how fast paced the book was and how it didn’t leave me confused or angry with how it was written. What I didn’t like was how quickly the romance between Michael and Julianna came to be, they met once and he asked her on the date. I didn’t think I romance quite fit into where it was placed in the book and felt it came about way to quickly.


I didn’t like how the book went from an awesome sci-fi read to a romance in its all entirety. It had it’s sci-fi moments but as I went in thinking it was a sci-fi it definitely didn’t end much as one.

I would rate Frail by Tanisha De Aza 3.5, only because it did grab my attention but I wish there was more of a storyline to Julianna’s situation and how not everything went back to Michael and her love for him. Their romance really through the book for a loop with me.



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