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My Life with Bob by Pamela Paul

May 7, 2018

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BARE by C.L. Brown

December 19, 2017






C.L.Brown doesn’t just use poetry to tell a story but tells a journey through the power of inspirational and infectious collections of truth.


“Perhaps it was just playful nature of the wind, not malicious intent, that gifted the budding rose to the scorching earth.”


Brown’s ambition to write is screamed through the pages of this book and really brings forth the bare feelings that people conceal. His poetry is soothing and doesn’t abide by the ‘normal’ poetry that has to rhythm or be short. This man is a genuine writer whose words just flow and end perfectly.


One of my favourite excerpts from the book BARE was the first words from the poem,

Days Like This;

I used to think of you on days like this.

Days when the rain sings like acoustic instruments,

clutched in the hands of heartbroken musicians

weeping the candlelit cafes.


This book is very emotionally-empowering and makes the reader feel as if they are connecting with each poem with every page turned. I found myself engulfed in this book while reading as every poem was captivating and came across as purposefully and not just written for content. Every story is written with passion and comes across as a beautiful creation. Brown’s writing style is unique and diverse and has built his brand to reminiscence with every kind of situation and person.


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