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My Life with Bob by Pamela Paul

May 7, 2018

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The Teddy Bear Chronicles Vol. 1- Saved In Paris by Donnalyn Vojta

January 14, 2018


Thank you so much to Donnalyn Vojta for sending me a copy of her book to review.


Kelly Donovan seems to have the perfect life in the eyes of others, but only the teddy bears know the pain she goes through everyday. 

We travel through three stories from three different perspectives as we follow the lives of a drama teacher, a pharmaceutical engineer and an international businesswoman. All have their secrets but for a change, only those who can’t speak know.


This book was very different from every book I’ve ever read.

This is such a unique perspective and concept for a book- one i’ve never heard of. I loved the narrations from the inanimate teddy bear who we hear the entire story from. This is definitely not a children's book due to the stalking, life-endangerment within the relationships and the mental and physical abuse that this thriller entails.


“Do you forget that you are in my home, living off of my money, so you will always owe me, you will always owe me everything.”


I found this such a cute experience to follow in the book! The perspective was 100 per cent my favourite aspect of this book as it was ultimately one I never heard of until this book but I’m glad Donnalyn took the chance because it paid off! There were so many chilling times where I couldn’t put the book down and I became nervous for the characters as I sat back and watched what happened through the eyes of a teddy bear. It was riveting. Congratulations to Donnalyn Vojta for pulling this off!



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