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My Life with Bob by Pamela Paul

May 7, 2018

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Seat 2A by Dela

January 16, 2018

 5/5 Review!

After a hard break up with Jessie Evans and her boyfriend, she is boarding a plane to her friends wedding but what she doesn’t know that she may be sitting next to the person who would change her life. Seat 2A.

After Jessie meets Kendal by accident, sparks fly between the two strangers only to leave them wanting more but leaving it alone to die off. Two years later, Jessie has a boyfriend named Colby, and well Kendal, is still striving for love. When the two come into contact over an awkward dinner, everything goes downhill from here


I found this book compelling and very exciting as I jumped into Jessie Evan’s life and joined her for the ride of a lifetime. This book has such a good turn of events with lots of captivating characters that really made the connection with the reader. When everything

Jumping back and forth between the perspective of Jessie Evans and the man seated in seat 2A, Kendal Vargas, it made the book intriguing as each had a different perspective of the other and truly showed how one mistake can change someone's life forever.


“I’m afraid of a lot of things, but taking chances isn’t one of them.”


This book made me find love within someone I didn’t even know and screamed in horror when I wanted Jessie and Kendal to just make out already! This book made me fall in love with one genre I use to hate, romance. This contemporary novel made me want more from this couple and truly gave me a sense of fulfillment when I finished it.


“The way I see it nobody is entitled to take a chance when they haven’t taken the risk of a whim.”


I would recommend this book to any lover or romance and contemporary. Way to go Dela!



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