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My Life with Bob by Pamela Paul

May 7, 2018

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Control Freakz by Michael Evans

April 9, 2018

 2/5 stars

Three teens are on the run from the government in this young adult adventure that draws out raw emotions of this compelling dystopian novel. Natalie, Ethan and Hunter must find a way to battle against the forces of Protocol 00 when their families are taken and they could be next.


I found Control Freakz to be very fast paced and little confusing, to say the least. It is categorized as young adult but the lature language is very wrong for that type of demographic.I also felt the book lacked a lot of originality as I have read many books exactly like this one in the past and kept waiting for something new to give me hope for this book. With the loophole of the opposite pill colours as the Matrix, I felt like Evan’s could have came up with something more original to stick towards the plot and really develop the story into a cutting edge adventure.


I feel like there is many plot holes that need to be filled and that could really be touched on and further developed to make this story even better. As this is a fast paced book, I felt like it was too fast paced as I felt that it was rushed into the climax and I didn’t get enough backstory and this led to me losing interest. As much as I wanted to connect with Natalie, I found her character very repetitive and “eh”, I wanted to know more about her, her feelings and I really wanted to just shake her and tell her to tell me something I didn’t already see coming.


To say the least, Michael Evan’s opening novel is good but just didn’t stick with me. I wish there was more information to the story and it lacked originality for my liking. I rated this book ⅖ stars.



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