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My Life with Bob by Pamela Paul

May 7, 2018

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Traveler by S.E.Anderson (Starstruck Saga)

April 15, 2018


Disclaimer- I was sent this book by the author in exchange for an honest review


“Praise the creator! What a glorious world! What a glorious day!”


Sally’s search for Earth isn’t off to a good start: chased out of her hotel room and into the broom closet of a spaceship, she’s accidentally become a stowaway on the Alliance Flagship, Traveler.

But when sabotage and murder show the crew’s true colors, Zander and Blayde are forced to stay and help them out of their mess. Lies, drama, and deceit lead them light years away to a mysterious planet on the edge of the galaxy, where the crew must band together just to stay alive. Which would be much easier if they didn’t have to deal with a diva first-mate, a droid with a religious obsession, and Blayde’s Ex whose brain is a spaceship.

Finding Earth has to be put on the back burner, as Sally’s stuck tending alien boo-boos – and she still has no idea what she’s doing. And she might not live long enough to get off the planet in one piece.


I can honestly say that the Starstruck saga is my new favourite! S.E.Anderson is a phenomenal  writer and storyteller as I loved every aspect of Traveler! This fast paced adventure dug deep into my soul as I could not put the book down! Sally, Zander and Blayde take on another adventure as Traveler not only satisfies your sci-fi loving needs but also your favourite trio is back at it again as they take on the world, one alien at a time.


Without giving away any spoilers, I absolutely love how the story is expanding to something much more than just a normal sci-fi adventure because well, what fun would that be? S.E.Anderson gives such a unique take on an alien experience that will leave you wanting more and quivering through every chapter. Yes, it is that good.


“It sounds like they wanted to sacrifice us, captain.”


As the relationships we have come to know and love in the first two books are expanded and become more intensifying, Anderson's writing give you the feeling as you are watching a movie before your eyes. I can honestly say that this book is hands down my favourite book I have ever read and I can’t wait to read more of S.E. Anderson’s work! I would recommend not only this book but this saga to anyone who loves Sci-fi, fiction, a great adventure and your favourite characters!


You can get your kindle edition for under $3 by clicking the following link! The release date is April 27, 2018 so make sure to mark your calendars!





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